Founder/Creative Director

The name, NefrFreshr (pronounced Never Fresher), derives itself from queen Nefertiti. Egyptians did not separate art from religion or science. Hieroglyphics were a complex code of symbols that contained layers of meaning. As a visual artist and designer, Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone (the other half of dynamic hip hop duo Riders Against the Storm) feels his expression through fashion always has some spiritual, social, and/or political coding. But, he also wants his work to be fly and attractive for the current generation.

Built on the foundation of celebrating the power and beauty of diversity, the majority of Mahone's initial bold and vibrant apparel designs felt like a party, and were derived from his visual/fine art primarily. The colorful tees, skirts, and hoodies mirroring his work featured on murals, billboards, and canvas, brought attention to the brand, but the best-selling items had a simpler design aesthetic/approach. Noticing the trend of simplicity brought forth a simpler design for the re-brand, and birthed the Zebra iconography which blends bold and simple together, while also reflecting elements of the original artistic style that attracted his initial audience.

November 2021 marks a step into the next era of the NefrFreshr clothing brand, as the spotted Zebra inconography and logo is introduced to the world through his first official collection.

Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone
Owner, Founder, Creative Director