First and foremost, my style and work is influenced by the most powerful art form of the twentieth century: Graffiti.  As a young child, I was captivated by the bold letter styles, colors, and imagery of Graff writers in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Surrounded by the sounds of hip hop, the Graffiti murals were like cinema to my imaginative mind.

The name, NefrFreshr (pronounced Never Fresher), derives itself from Nefertiti. Egyptians did not separate art from religion or science. Hieroglyphics were a complex code of symbols that contained layers of meaning. As an artist, I feel my work always has some spiritual, social, and/or political coding. But, I also want my work to be fly and attractive. Something familiar, but with a twist that represents a combination of the native/indigenous and the modern/urban energy.

Freshness is the essence of life. 

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